Will The Bulls Sweep The Pacers?

I couldn’t disagree more with Josh Hill of Pippen Ain’t Easy.  The Pacers should win at least win one game in this series and I think they’re capable of winning two.  Pyscho T, Jeff Foster and Hibbert and his Area 55 posse.  And in some ways this Pacers squad is a lot like this Bulls team from a few years back.

Where Hill and I do agree though is that Thibodeau has been far and away the best coach in the eastern conference this season.  He’s as valuable an asset for this team going into the playoffs as Rose–and more of an x-factor than even guys like Deng or Boozer.  While I don’t count on Deng or Boozer to always win their matchups in the east, I think Thibodeau is head and shoulders above his peers in the east.

Here’s part of what Hill had to say about the Rose/Thibodeau tandem:

3. Tom Thibodeau and the Defense

No it’s not an 80′s band, it’s the reason the Chicago Chokehold works.

Derrick Rose may be the MVP favorite for what he can do to better the Bulls offensively, but he’s not good enough yet go carry the team all on his own.

Enter Tom Thibodeau and his defensive schemes. The brain child of the Bulls defensive success, Thibodeau is in his first year as an NBA head coach after years of an assistant in Boston under Doc Rivers. Thibodeau was an interesting choice when the Bulls hired him this offseason but no one knew what was in store or just how good his schemes would transfer from Boston to Chicago.

Like Rose, Thibodeau makes the Bulls better simply by yelling things.

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