David Kahn Does it Again: TWolves Fire Kurt Rambis

As if drafting two point guards in the same draft wasn’t bad enough, Minnesota GM David Kahn has descended into another level of ineptitude.  On the eve of the NBA draft, a draft in which his team holds the #2 overall selection, Kahn has decided it’s time to fire head coach Kurt Rambis. The firing isn’t official yet, a fact that only makes matters worse because instead of talking about the team’s bright future, Kahn will now be relegated to answering questions about this untimely firing.

Had Minnesota fired Rambis at the end of the season the team could’ve headed into the offseason with a clean slate.  Instead by waiting so late not only will they be starting a coaching search when other teams are starting to gear up for next season, it means that the new additions to the franchise have no idea who they’re leader is going to be.  I know some people think that coaches are overrated in the NBA, but Kahn’s actions suggest that they’re irrelevant.

To his credit though, questionable choices by the other franchises with openings this year means that Kahn did not lose out on anyone.  Dwayne Casey and Kevin McHale have already done stints with the TWolves so they were automatically ruled out, and Mark Jackson is a wild card, so it’s not as if Kahn lost out on that hire either.  Given that a gifted coach like Lawrence Frank is still available means that although this firing was poorly timed, Kahn still has a chance to save face.

Still, one has to wonder what kind of operation is running.  With a bevy of lottery picks on board Kahn has to start making some more prudent decisions or else he risks losing his top talent to better teams.

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