Injuries Continue Mounting in The NBA

Following up on David’s piece from last week, it looks like you can have a veritable all-star team of NBA players who are either currently out or playing with serious injuries. Charles Barkley recently voiced his concerns about a potential uptick in injuries during a shortened season.

The Lakers, who already had a depleted front line with the trade of Lamar Odom and Andrew Bynum’s suspension are now having to tread carefully with Pau Gasol’s recently injured shoulder. If you’re following at home, the Lakers two all-stars are now beleaguered by injuries.

Los Angeles is not the only playoff contenders are dealing with injuries. The New York Knicks, already without former all-star point guard Baron Davis, will now have to proceed for the next two months without their first round pick, Iman Shumpert. These injuries to Shumpert and Davis means that New York has to rely even further on Mike Bibby and Toney Douglas to handle the point-guard duties. Speaking of Douglas, Hardwood Paroxyxm recently had this to say about the mercurial guard:


What [Toney Douglas] doesn’t do (because he doesn’t really know how) is run a team. And you can’t expect someone to do something he doesn’t know how to do. Douglas…The Knicks need a point guard in the worst way, but they officially do not have a single capable soul on the roster.

On the flipside, the Knicks Christmas Day opponents, The Boston Celtics, were able to dodge a bullet when the league opted not to suspend Kevin Garnett for smushing Bill Walker at the end of Sunday’s game. Had Garnett been suspended, the Celtics would have had to try faring without Garnett and Paul Pierce for the next week. And in a year where every game counts, this would have dealt a serious blow to the Celtics’ playoff aspirations.

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