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Layup Line Poll: Who’s The Most Clutch Player in the NBA?

According to a recent Sports Illustrated poll, 74% of NBA players said if the game was on the line they’d want the ball in Kobe Bryant’s hands.  Bryant outpaced the second place finisher in the poll, Kevin Durant, by a whopping 66%.

But as ESPN’s John Hollinger points out when you look at the empirical data New York’s Carmelo is the league’s best performer in the league with the game on the line followed by Dirk Nowitzki.  Anthony converts 49.0 of his shots with his team “trailing by one or two points, or tied, in the final 24 second”, followed by Nowitzki who converts 39% percent of his attempts.  Byrant meanwhile succeeds on 31% of his opportunities.  However, while Nowitzki manages to sneak into the top-five of the players poll with a paltry 2% of the vote, Carmelo doesn’t even crack the list.

So we ask, who’d you want with the rock with game on the line: