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Is Kevin Love the greatest TWolve of all-time?

A year ago it would have been blasphemous to even joke that someone other than Kevin Garnett was the greatest TWolve of all-time. Heck, a year ago, it would have even been possible to make a legitimate argument for Wally Sczerbiak as the second best TWolve of all time. Former Wolves players such as Sam Cassell, Tom Gugliotta, Stephon Marbury and Latrell Sprewell, might have had more accomplished careers than Sczerbiak, but Sczerbiak was a stable presence in the starting lineup for almost a decade. In any case, the battle was always going to for second because Kevin Garnett was number one by a mile.

However, a year later, it appears that with each fawning article the foundation is being laid for someone to make the case that Kevin Love is the greatest TWolve of all-time. Last year the praise was for Love’s rebounding prowess. This year Love has been garnering praise for his new svelte figure, improved scoring and the team’s first playoff push since the, you guessed it, Kevin Garnett era.

Love has the better individual stats over the first four years of their respective careers.

Until the arrival of Ricky Rubio, Love did not have a teammate comparable to either Marbury or Gugliotta.

What now remains to be seen is how Love manages the expectations of leading a playoff team next year when Rubio returns and the Wolves are a strong contender for a 6th-8th seed in the west.  Garnett was a warrior, but he was never able to get the Wolves past the conference finals, a fact that arguably tarnished his legacy.

If Love manages to get the Wolves into the finals in the next six years he might find himself being anointed the greatest Timberwolve of all time just as Garnett is being inducted into the NBA hall of fame.





Stephon Marbury Excels in China

Stephon Marbury is one of the most gifted basketball players I have ever seen play the game.  At his peak, Marbury was a combination of Derrick Rose and Chris Paul.  When he reached bottom however, some wondered whether he ever had any talent at all.

I’ve always suspected that Marbury’s demise in the NBA had as much to do with spending over twenty-years in front of the camera as was about diminishing skills.  In his recent interview with New York Times’ Bill Rhoden Marbury suggests that this was in fact the case, and that he’s finally found a home in China of all places:

The final chapter of Marbury’s basketball life is unfolding in China, a place he unwaveringly calls home. “The country gave me everything I needed to get my spirits back to where I needed them to be, they gave me an opportunity to play basketball again and they gave me an opportunity to build a brand here,” he said.

via Stephon Marbury Finding Success and Serenity in China – NYTimes.com.